Make Your Car Stand Out

Make Your Car Stand Out

Learn more about our custom auto paint services in Lubbock, TX

Is the paint on your vehicle looking old and worn? Don't wait any longer to hire a professional auto painting service in Lubbock, TX to bring color back to your car. Contact XxtremePDR & Collision Repair today.

You can hire our team of well-trained technicians to paint your entire car or to match your existing paint color to fix a spot that's been damaged. We complete all paint jobs on-site.

Contact us today to speak with a member of our team about your car's paint needs.

3 things you do each day that hurt your car's paint

Did you know that some of your daily habits might be harming your car's paint job? If you want to keep the paint on your vehicle looking like new, avoid the following three things:

1.Putting coffee and other sugary drinks on your roof
2.Driving too quickly through construction zones or roads with loose gravel or rocks
3.Parking your car next to sprinklers or outside in the rain

For more tips to help protect your car's paint, contact us today.